In between

客戶 Client - PMQ / 類型 Type - 書刊設計 Editorial /

To transform the stereotyped reading experience of the annual review from the basic content, the specially invited editorial team of Trilingual started with a design dialogue, visited each creator who had worked in PMQ, and started a dialogue to explore different creative spaces and perspectives. Design creation is as complicated as business creativity, and often requires constant experimentation. In between hopes to bring real-life design exchanges and interesting experimental results to readers, thus revealing the review of PMQ's achievements in the past eight years.

由根本內容去改造年度回顧的刻版閱讀經驗,叁語的特邀編輯團隊以設計對話著手,走訪一位位曾經在 PMQ 裡經營過的創作人,展開對話來遊走不同的創作空間與角度。設計創造與經營創意一樣豪不簡單,往往都需要透過不斷試驗,In between 一書期望為讀者帶來有血有肉的真實設計交流與有趣的試驗結果,從而透示 PMQ 這八年來的成果回顧。